Every Trump Voter Must Read This Guide Before Heading To The Polls!

Don’t get caught guessing when the polls close while watching the returns on election night 2016.

Here is a handy guide to when the FINAL polls in each state close in eastern time. This is important because remember when the media called Florida for Al Gore in 2000 at 7pm eastern, but forgot that the panhandle was on central time and hadn’t finished voting yet because it was only 6pm there?

The following states have 2 time zones:

  1. Alaska: Hawaii-Aleutian Time (Aleutian Islands west of 169° 30’ west) and Alaskan Time
  2. Florida: Central Time (western panhandle) and Eastern Time
  3. Idaho: Pacific Time (northern panhandle) and Mountain Time
  4. Indiana: Central Time and Eastern Time
  5. Kansas: Mountain Time (a small western notch) and Central Time
  6. Kentucky: Central Time and Eastern Time
  7. Michigan: Central Time (a small portion of the Upper Peninsula bordering Wisconsin) and Eastern Time
  8. Nebraska: Mountain Time and Central Time
  9. Nevada: Pacific Time and Mountain Time (just barely)
  10. North Dakota: Mountain Time and Central Time
  11. South Dakota: Mountain Time and Central Time
  12. Oregon: Pacific Time and Mountain Time (an eastern bite)
  13. Tennessee: Central Time and Eastern Time
  14. Texas: Mountain Time (far western portion including El Paso) and Central Time

New Hampshire and North Dakota have multiple closing times within the same time zone.

The below chart shows when voting is finished in the ENTIRE state and you can expect to begin to see results on the news.

Be sure to look up your own local polling information before heading out to vote as different areas have different closing times.

Make sure that you get out to vote tomorrow to ensure that Hillary and her Democrat allies in the media won’t prevent a Trump victory! 


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